• All massages are customized to suit your needs! Whether you are looking for something calm, light and relaxing or firm and therapeutic, we like to keep it simple.
  • Time listed is full hands on massage time. We schedule extra time for restroom breaks, payment and getting on/off the table.*
  • Cancellation policy is as follows: Appointments cancelled or rescheduled less than 5 hours prior to scheduled time will be charged a $30 fee, no shows will be charged the full value of service booked. Clients more than 10 minutes late will begin to have time deducted from the service.

"I feel great after the massage, it was exactly what I needed. What I loved most is that it really did relieve the pain I had but also everything else was great and I didn’t even realize how much I needed all of that! Especially in my calf’s, quads and the rest of my back. I started doing a little research on the Psoas and QL muscle and I ordered a book so I can learn more! Thank you so much, you are so amazing! Will be back soon! "